Saturday, May 4, 2013

Body of Boston Marathon bombing terrorist denied burial in 3 states so far

Body of Boston Marathon bombing terrorist denied burial in 3 states so far, The body of the Boston Marathon bombing terrorist has no final resting place as the funeral director, who accepted his body into his funeral parlor, is having a hard time finding somewhere that will take his body for burial. The funeral director's interview was aired on “Fox and Friends Weekend” live on Saturday morning May 4, 2013. Peter Stefan explained his dilemma of not being able to find a cemetery willing to accept the body of Tamerlan Tsamaev's for burial.

According to the New York Daily News on Saturday, “He's a body without a plot.” They also interviewed Stefan, the funeral director who told “Fox and Friends” that there's no place in the state of Massachusetts that will accept Tamerlan Tsamaev's body for burial. This is coming from a funeral director who has gotten so much backlash for accepting the body into his funeral home. Stefan has even gone out of state to make his requests, but he was refused in Connecticut and New Jersey, as well as in Massachusetts.

If Stefan continues to come up against these refusals, he will have to go to the federal government to ask the for assistance in getting this terrorist buried. Stefan defended his actions of taking the terrorist's body into his funeral home. He said that it is just a body and that is his job, to bury the body. He believes everyone deserves a burial, telling Fox that he has buried murderers before, but he thinks of this as part of the job.

According to Fox, Stefan is ready for the protests that have already started in front of his funeral home. Another problem is that the body needs to go through a ritual washing as part of the family's religion. This is usually done by male members of the family. It is not known if Tsamaev's family members in the U.S. plan to do this.

The funeral director plans to continue the search for a Muslim burial site for the Boston Marathon bombing terrorist, but it looks like cities and towns want nothing to do with this criminal. Dead or alive, it appears that nobody wants him in their town.

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