Friday, May 3, 2013

Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, Whether you are an average joe going it alone when it comes to beautification, or a celeb with meteoric star power and team of people to make you look glamorous, one can never be truly impervious to fashion disasters. We are all subject to the oversight of leaving a tag that should be removed. Rips, splits, tears and slips are subject to ruin our mojo even if we look smashing otherwise.

And let's not even think about the havoc wind and the other elements can wreak on a great look--thanks, but no thanks on your offer to turn up Captain Planet and company.

There's nothing better than shared experience to lessen the pain of our own fashion flubs. Sometimes, even the best outfits go wrong. From broken zippers to unintentional flashes, see the best (and worst) celebrity wardrobe malfunctions caught on film.

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