Friday, May 3, 2013

Teen mom banned

Teen mom banned, North Carolina high school graduate Cailtin Tiller is a teen mom to 1-year-old baby son Leelin. She graduated from Wheatmore High in December and enrolled in college courses in January. She also works a part-time job 30 hours a week to support her son. Last summer, Tiller posed with baby Leelin for her senior portrait which was supposed to appear in the school's yearbook.

Wheatmore ultimately pulled the adorable pic, banning it from the high school yearbook altogether. Randolph County School officials had little to say about why the photo was not allowed, but they explain that the yearbook should be "all about the student," not a reflection of his/her extended family. Tiller claims that officials told her the photo promotes teen pregnancy, which is why it was pulled.

As KLTV reports, Wheatmore high school seniors were asked to have their yearbook pictures taken last summer with a prop of their choosing. Something that best represented them - a product of their achievement and motivations. For Tiller, that was her newborn son Leelin.

"I wouldn't be the person I am today with out him," Tiller explains. "So I brought my son, thinking that he could be in the yearbook with me and two days before the book was due I find out he can't be in."

Tiller reveals that several other students' pictures featured sporting equipment, musical instruments... one senior even posed with a family pet. But allegedly Tiller was told her photo "promoted" teen pregnancy, so it was pulled. However, Tiller still views the image as one of "responsibility and love."

"The love that I have for my son and how he has helped me achieve my goal to graduate high school," Tiller said.
And Tiller's mom totally supports her teen daughter and grandson. Karen Morgan hopes the school system will reconsider the ban, and embrace students for all of their accomplishments - no matter what they are:
"She took responsibility. She takes care of Leelin, she's there. Right there with him."
"They should be proud that the students are willing to stay in school and graduate and make something of their self and not try and hide it," Tiller adds.

Randolph County School officials would not comment on exactly why the picture was pulled - they only say that the yearbook should be all about the student, not an extension of the student's family. Do readers agree?

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