Friday, May 3, 2013

North Carolina man robs bank to pay for Disney cruise

North Carolina man robs bank to pay for Disney cruise, Cedrick Royce Swinson should be sailing aboard a Disney cruise ship right now, but instead, he is sitting in a Florida jail. Florida Today reports that the 37-year-old, North Carolina man made a quick stop to rob a bank on May 2, 2013.

Swinson, his girlfriend and her two children drove overnight to Brevard County to start their magical vacation. When trying to withdraw the cash for the final cruise payment, he found it was not available for withdrawal. Investigators say this is when he felt 'pressured' to keep his promise for their long awaited vacation.

Swinson walked into the Navy Federal Credit Union around 10:40 a.m., walked past the customer service representatives to the counter and slid a note to the teller according to witnesses. They also he put his hand in his jacket pocket to make it appear that he had a gun. Once he received the money he returned to his vehicle, where his girlfriend and the children were waiting.

Police were alerted by a bank alarm and spotted Swinson's vehicle minutes later. Police took Swinson into custody and brought to Brevard County Jail. Officer's recovered the stolen cash, but did not find any weapons in the vehicle.

His girlfriend was questioned and released, as police do not believe she had any knowledge of Swinson's plan.

"She was horrified and the children were upset. They watched as we took him into custody," said Commander Brad Hodge of the Satellite Beach Police Department.

Swinson was booked on robbery, grand theft and driving on a suspended license.

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