Friday, May 3, 2013

Harry connick idol

Harry connick idol, American Idol" is really looking to sing a different tune next season. According to reports, the Fox singing-competition show is courting recent guest mentor Harry Connick Jr. to sit on the judge panel permanently next season, and the singer apparently confirmed as much after Thursday's results show.

Connick said that he has been talking with producers about joining next year's panel. "They wanted to know if I would be interested -- and it's a blast, but I don't know, it's hard to make a commitment like that," he said backstage, according to TV Guide.

Connick served as an opinionated mentor to the Top 4 contestants this week, even getting into a heated argument at the judge's table with Randy Jackson during Wednesday's live show. "You need to be completely honest and diplomatic," Connick said of his judging method. "There's no reason to be mean, but it's called being a judge. You have to judge, that's what you do."

Though the actor and performer, who is releasing an album titled "Every Man Should Know" in June, may be too busy to take a seat at the judge's table, saying, "I'm going on tour this year so, like, when would I do it? It's that kind of thing."

It was previously rumored that Fox was looking to change the panel even before the end of this season by bringing back former judge Jennifer Lopez to replace Mariah Carey.

It looks as if they're looking for any solution to get there dismal ratings back up.

Tell us: Do you think Harry Connick Jr. would make a good judge?

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