Friday, May 3, 2013

Giant rubber duck

Giant rubber duck, Conceived by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, the 54-foot tall creation dwarfed other craft as it was towed past the city's iconic skyline by a tugboat.

Countless onlookers flocked to marvel at the duck, inspired by the classic bath-time toy, which has travelled to 13 cities in nine countries, including Brazil and Australia, since it began its epic journey in 2007.

Crowds began queuing as early as 6 am for a chance to see the inflatable creation and purchase a miniature replica toy.
"It takes me back to my childhood memories," Peggy Shieh, 28, told Agence France Presse."I think it's the last time I will see a rubber duck in Hong Kong. It has a message for peace but for me it's just fun," said Kathy Cheung, who took half a day off work in order to catch a glimpse of the art creation.

The duck's designer claimed his creation, which will stay moored in Hong Kong till June 9, is intended to connect people with public art.

"It's about connecting people, don't take life for granted, your urban space for granted. You walk every day the same route to work, but look and stop going too fast," Mr Hofman said.

The southern Chinese city has also begun exhibiting a land-based collection of inflatable art including a larger-than-life upside-down cockroach.

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