Friday, May 3, 2013

Frontier airlines baggage fees

Frontier airlines baggage fees, Frontier Airlines has announced it will start charging extra fees and they're starting with carry on baggage.

The Denver-based carrier says it will start charging $25 a bag, all the way up to $100 a bag depending on the ticket you bought. People balked at having to pay for checked baggage, so many converted to squeezing their clothes into a smaller carry-on, but carry-ons will now be slapped with a charge.

I talked about the issue on 3 On Your Side's Facebook page earlier, and most viewers hate the idea. Tony Menendez writes: “Goodness gracious, Gary! I guess we'll just be shipping our clothes FedEx or UPS.”

David Dawdy writes: “I've never had a reason to fly Frontier, but now I have 25 - 100 reasons not to”
But there were consumers who supported the new charge.

Kristen Beneker Warren says: “I'm glad. Maybe people won't be clogging up the aisles.”
B St. Peter said: “Charge what you need to keep your business profitable.”

Keep in mind, there is one way to avoid the carry on fee and that's to book  your ticket directly on Frontier's website.

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