Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Frog in beans can

Frog in beans can, Green beans are now off the menu. An Indiana family is vowing never to eat their favorite food again after finding a dead frog inside a can bought at a Meijer grocery store.

Gloria Chubb of St. Joseph County said the disgusting discovery left her feeling sick for two days"I thought maybe it was a piece of moldy bacon or something," Chubb told WBND.

"But I took it out of there ... and it was a frog with parts of his little legs all in the green beans, other than that he was fully intact."

Taking it back to Meijer, staff immediately refunded her for all the 69-cent cans she'd previously purchased.She also took the can and the critter to officials at Indiana State Department of Health who concluded it had been packed in the can along with the beans.

St. Joseph County Health Department food service director Rita Hooten said: "When the green beans were picked from the field, it was also placed on a conveyor line and just was accidentally put into the can of green beans during process."

The firm that processed the can of store-brand green beans also apologized to Chubb and sent her $50 compensation.
A Meijer spokesman added: "We sincerely regret this customer's experience, and we are in the process of investigating the incident."

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