Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Suspended 50 games

Suspended 50 games, Brandon Brown, a former New York Mets minor league player, has been suspended for 50 games after results of a blood test showed evidence of Stanozolol. Brown is currently a free agent, reported The Washington Post on April 30.

Brown is 25 year old third baseman. He was released from the New York Mets roster on March 30. Brown's suspension will begin when he is signed by another major league team. The blood test was performed as part of a drug testing program for minor league baseball.

Stanozolol is a performance-enhancing drug that is used to build muscle mass. It is a banned substance and detectable by blood screens, which are regularly done for baseball players. There is no known masking agent for Stanozolol, meaning that there is no known way to prevent it from showing up in a screening test if it is being used by a player.

Brown's positive drug test and resulting suspension is the 18th to occur this year within the minor league baseball ranks.

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