Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Will Kristen Tyler be found alive?

Will Kristen Tyler be found alive?, Salina, Kan. woman Kristin Tyler vanished over the weekend after running an errand, but as of May 1, 2013 there is a disturbing update in her case. Officials reportedly located her car last night -- but she remains missing. The car has been towed so it can be examined for evidence, but what about the missing woman? Her loved ones have stressed several times over the past couple of days that she would not vanish like this and leave her children behind.

The 27-year-old woman is the mother of four children and even though she likes to go out and party, her mother claims she always calls to tell her children goodnight. She doesn't have her own cellphone, but has one in her possession that belongs to a friend. She has not answered it since she went missing. All of these details so far add up to be negative elements in this disappearance.

When a person's disappearance is out of their ordinary behavior, it's immediately suspicious. When a missing person's car is located without the missing person in it, the suspicion rises higher. There are even cases in recent reports of missing people's bodies going unnoticed in the trunks of their towed vehicles. Certainly officials are going over that car with the proverbial fine toothed comb.

Kristen Tyler could be anywhere, and there are plenty of rumors circulating online that indicate she could be with a boyfriend or male acquaintance. Hopefully something positive comes to media reports soon regarding this case and it doesn't turn out being another tragic story of foul play.

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