Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jessica Heeringa controversy: Is Exxon station owner to blame?

Jessica Heeringa controversy: Is Exxon station owner to blame?, Jessica Heeringa case update April 30, 2013: The search for the missing Mich. mother continues and the details just continue to pour through media reports. While flyers depicting a possible suspect make their rounds, there are many comparing the sketch to the owner of the station where Jessica was reportedly kidnapped.

As you can see by the slideshow accompanying this post, there are intense emotions against the owner of the Exxon station right now ranging from feelings of suspicion to disgust at his frivolous refusal to fit the store with security cameras. Does this mean he's at all to blame for any part of this case? The officials have been clearing persons of interest since she vanished, including this guy, but have they specifically cleared the owner of the station that employed the missing woman?

WZZM ABC 13 News reported that the cops have been called at the gas station as many as 34 times since 2009. While most of the calls focused on traffic related incidents not related to the Exxon station, there are a few others that involve "suspicious activity." It's not known if this suspicious activity had anything to do with the mysterious silver van which is being sought in Jessica's disappearance.

Knowing that the cops have been called that many times just makes it all the more strange that the owner chose not to fit his station with security cameras -- even after police encouraged him to do so. This move has angered many people who have expressed their anger on the official Facebook page associated with the search for the missing woman.

Does the owner of this Exxon station bear any responsibility for what happened to Jessica Heeringa? Should be people rightfully be angry with him? It's been shared by locals in the a Norton Shores area that the man has already been seeking a new employee to replace the missing woman -- a move that some feel is callous.

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