Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jessica Heeringa update: Did a registered sex offender kidnap woman?

Jessica Heeringa update: Did a registered sex offender kidnap woman?, update May 1, 2013: The search for the missing Norton Shores, Mich. woman continues as her disappearance enters day five. That means 120 hours have passed since the young woman was reported missing from the Exxon station that employs her -- well beyond the golden window of 48 to 72 hours ordinarily expected to successfully solve a missing persons case.

As the fifth day of the search for her begins there are new details to report and plenty of speculation that can be had in return. The most disturbing update in this case comes from a witness who claims that the suspect was "being real flirty" with the missing woman before she vanished.

The witness is being described as "reliable," but officials haven't confirmed who this witness is, or how the mystery person even became a witness in the first place. An earlier Examiner article even asked why this witness didn't try to stop the abduction from happening if they were able to get such a good look at what was happening.

Nonetheless, it's positive that at least one person saw something so that officials can promptly investigate this as something more than a mere missing persons case. As for this "real flirty" person seen by the witness, the guy appeared to be familiar with Jessica.

This would explain past remarks made by (presumably) the same witness about the woman walking willingly to the man's van before a struggle ensued. It would appear that Jessica didn't know what happened until she was right at the van -- and that's terrifying.

Who was this flirty person suspected of kidnapping Jessica Heeringa? So far as many as four persons of interest have been cleared, but have any of the numerous registered sex offenders in Norton Shores been cleared?

A search of sex offenders surrounding the Exxon station returned startling results, which are included in the accompanying slideshow. Have detectives questioned or investigated any of these individuals regarding Jessica's disappearance?

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