Tuesday, April 30, 2013

350 Sacramento works locally to build global climate movement

350 Sacramento works locally to build global climate movement, One of the growing number of green groups dedicated to planet restoration is 350 Sacramento, “an organization that supports local initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and works to engage Sacramento area citizens and local community groups in helping to build a global climate movement”…from the webpage of 350 Sacramento.

In line with this credo 350 Sacramento participated in the obligatory Earth Day event in April, but also closed the month with an event spotlighting the folly of tar sands development as a means of squeezing the last bits of petrol from our continent.

Looking ahead on its varied calendar 350 Sacramento will have a team in the bike ride May Is Bike Month and will ride for all the right reasons, which are "fun, exercise and the planet". The event is May 9th at the Capitol.

Additionally you can get more information about 350 Sacramento at the Green Fair at the State Capitol on May 29th.

In the Bay Region there also is climate activism.

We asked Katy Polony of 350 Bay Area what the goal of the movement is and she said, “Keep the fossil fuels in the ground. We are single mindedly an organization to save the planet by stopping our use of fossil fuels.” This motivation extends throughout the movement.

350.org was founded by noted author and environmentalist Bill McKibben, who will appear as a keynote speaker at an event at San Francisco City Hall on May 2nd at 2:30 PM.

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