Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Current Look at American Medical System

Current Look at American Medical System, The state that the American medical situation is in has very few terms that can be used to describe it. Awfully non-humane is a term that could be use but might not reach the staggering level of injustice and lack of respect for human life that is needed to even begin to talk about the medical system in the United States as of 2013. It is a privatized business, meaning that only corporation has control over costs and patient care. It is the largest business in the United States and happens to be monopolized by the American Medical Association (AMA)(Henslin, 2012).

All of this has lead to the amazing increase in price that only a monopoly can concur because there are no possible ways to develop a competitor to the AMA in the United States. The United States government has willingly allowed this occur which says a lot about how much Americans care about one another. Sociologist can take a few different stances to look at this situation including comparing our healthcare system to other countries’ healthcare systems. Also they can look at how our system is comprised in terms of its own components which includes why it is a privatized monopoly. Finally there are micro ways to look at how the healthcare system runs from within facilities like hospitals.

The first thing a I would do as a sociology is research how this privatized monopoly and become de-privatized and how other competitors can began to take part of this, the largest business in the United States. Using the research method of participant observation might be useful. In this one could study how other countries “do” healthcare by accepting a physical or other standard American procedure in other countries. Then I could do interviews with the healthcare official from these countries and begin to evaluate the level of competence each country has in term of healthcare. Afterward these countries could apply for the ability to do business in the United State in direct competition after a huge battle with legislation and other systems protecting this current monopoly held by the AMA.

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