Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Video - 'Super Drunk' elementary school principal hauled off in handcuffs

Video - 'Super Drunk' elementary school principal hauled off in handcuffs, An elementary school principal who was not setting a good example for her grade-schoolers may have to go the "principal’s office," which in the adult world, means jail.

According to an April 30 ABC report, Kim Warren, a 44-year-old Deerfield Elementary School principal, has been charged under a Mich. regulation for being drunk.

And not just drunk, but “Super Drunk,” according to the Novi, Mich. ordinance.

Drivers who have more than twice the legal blood alcohol concentration may be charged under a new section of Michigan’s Vehicle Code commonly known as the “Super Drunk” law.

The incident occurred on April 8 as Warren was driving back to her school from a “liquid lunch.” Two citizens called to report that a driver swerving and weaving had just pulled into the school parking lot.

Warren was arrested and Police found an open bottle of vodka in her car. Video shows the handcuffed Warren crying in the back of the cruiser.

Warren was arraigned on Monday in 52nd District Court in Novi.

After Warren’s arrest, she was placed on paid administrative leave, according to a letter sent by the Novi Community School District to parents.

“This is an unfortunate set of circumstances and out of character for Ms. Warren,” the letter said. “Up until this event, Ms. Warren has served the Deerfield Community and our district well.”

If convicted under the “Super Drunk” ordinance, first time offenders face up to 180 days in jail.

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