Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stanford QB retires: Weird accident ends Nunes career

Stanford QB retires: Weird accident ends Nunes career, A promising Stanford QB retires due to a weight lifting accident according to The Washington Post on April 30, 2013. Josh Nunes decided on Monday to leave college football. It all traces back to February when he was doing a bench press when the unthinkable happened.

"As he lifted the weight above his chest, the former starting quarterback thought he felt his right shoulder pop. The weight crashed down violently on his upper body, and his spotter quickly pulled the bar off."

Things got scary when Nunes noticed that his right chest muscle was separating from his right shoulder bone. The injury occurred on Valentines Day and surgery was performed 10 days later. A full recovery is expected, but could take up to a year. His future is still very bright academically and he is already thinking about work prospects..

"Nunes hopes to go into the start-up world or pursue an entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. He also is considering working for a nonprofit in that field."

He has been accepted into Stanford's graduate program to pursue a master's degree in social psychology.

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