Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jessica Heeringa exclusive update: What was her last transaction?

Jessica Heeringa exclusive update: What was her last transaction?, Jessica Heeringa case update: On April 30, 2013 the Norton Shores Police Department released a sketch of a presumed suspect in the Exxon worker's alleged kidnapping. Along with the description of a silver minivan, this latest update may lend to some positive leads in the search for her. That's not the only update in this case. The missing woman's boyfriend spoke exclusively for Examiner News, in particular to answer questions regarding her last transaction before the alleged abduction.

Dakotah Quail-Dyer confirmed that the last transaction Jessica made at the Exxon station was approximately 10:55 -- and she was "figured to be gone," by 11:15. When asked what the transaction was, he wasn't sure but did note that "if it was stuff like tape or rope," the cops would have definitely looked into it. He confirmed that police spent a considerable amount of time with the Exxon station's owner that night, so they had to have looked closely at the transactions that were made.

Dakotah has been very active in the search for his missing girlfriend, and has been fully cooperative with investigators. He told me he watches a lot of Law & Order, so he realized what he needed to do to be a positive part of this horrible situation. Kudos certainly goes out to this man as he struggles with the potential speculation that Jessica may not come home.

While Jessica's loved ones pull together in the search for her, the investigation into what happened is still going full blast. In fact, MLive reports that this disappearance is Muskegon County's largest missing person search "in recent memory." Jessica is certainly the focus of attention throughout the state of Mich., as well as the rest of the nation. It was reported yesterday that her story made it all the way to Australian news sources. Nonetheless, all the news coverage in the world can't amount to the physical search for clues, so the police in Norton Shores, Mich. definitely have their work cut out for them. When is the FBI going to be called in to assist in this alleged kidnapping?

As for the final transaction made by the missing woman, it may lend a clue toward the investigation. Did the person by cigarettes or beer? Did he buy gas? Did he use cash? They may seem like small details, but even the smallest pieces lend to the final outcome in a puzzle.

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