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Weather History: April 26: Record Temps, Storms, Tornadoes, Wind & Snow

Weather History: April 26: Record Temps, Storms, Tornadoes, Wind & Snow, Listed are Meteorological events that happened on April 26:


Killer frosts were reported in the Deep South. The frost was quite severe around Huntsville, AL and highlighted a backward spring in the south that year.


Tornadoes were hard to capture on early cameras with their hard to use glass plate negatives. The first recorded photograph of a tornado was taken on this date by A.A. Adams near Garnett, KS. Adams reportedly sold many copies of the photo as a stereoscopic set that could be viewed with a special viewer.


Norfolk, VA reported their latest killing freeze on record. Rochester, MN recorded their snowiest April day as 13 inches fell.


A tornado struck Sheppard Air Force Base, near Wichita Falls, TX. The tornado blew out all but one of the 12, large windows, in the control tower. Tower personnel had been evacuated only four minutes earlier.


An unusual cold storm system brought 6 inches of snow to Flagstaff, AZ.


A spring snow storm accompanied by thunder dumped over 15 inches of heavy wet snow on Denver, CO. The storm was quite intense and hampered travel. Gusty winds to 35 mph caused drifts 10 to 15 feet in some areas blocking roads and stranding hundreds of motorists. Power lines were downed and poles toppled with a number of steel towers carrying high voltage power lines were downed. Some areas northeast of Denver were without power for a week. A large number of livestock perished. Warm temperatures following the storm quickly melted the snow.


An unusually strong occluded front swept out of the Gulf of Alaska and produced the first April thunderstorm on record at Fairbanks, AK. Pea size hail fell northeast of Fairbanks from thunderstorms whose tops were less than 8,000 feet.


Colorado Springs, CO had an afternoon high of 83° which set a new record high for the month of April breaking the old mark of 82° set back in 1872. Other records included: Pueblo, CO: 90°, Denver, CO: 84°, Grand Junction, CO: 84°, Cheyenne, WY: 82° and Casper, WY: 80°.


A two day outbreak spawned 47 tornadoes from Louisiana to Michigan. 16 people were killed and 259 were injured.


Mt. Washington, NH recorded 7 feet of snow in ten days and over a 90 inch total for the month for a new April record.

Intense thunderstorms swept across southeast South Dakota, southwest Minnesota, and northwest Iowa. Baseball size hail fell in a 15 mile wide swath from near Pickstown to Scotland, SD. The large hail caused extensive damage to windows, roofs, siding, and vehicles in the path of the storm. Wind gusts of 70 to 80 mph and rain amounts of 2 or more inches in a short period of time (including 5 inches at Centerville) were reported in southeast South Dakota.

Several tornadoes moved across northwest Iowa including one that moved across part of Lyon County destroying several farmsteads. Another tornado moved through Lyon County, Iowa into Nobles County, Minnesota damaging, at least, 16 separate farms. Yet, another tornado touched down briefly on the south side of Okebena in Jackson County destroying or damaging several houses.

The Chernobyl nuclear power station at Kiev Ukraine suffered a massive explosion during the early morning hours sending a radioactive cloud of particles and gas carried westward and northwestward, contaminating large areas of Europe in the following week.


Many cities across the western U.S. reported new record high temperatures for the date. The afternoon high of 83° at Astoria, OR smashed their previous record by 13 degrees. Sacramento, CA hit 94°. Other high temperature records: Medford, OR: 92°, Reno, NV: 87°, Winnemucca, NV: 86°, Elko, NV: 84°, Quillayute, WA: 83° and Burns, OR: 82°.


A spring snowstorm dumped heavy wet snow across the states of South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota. The 13.7 inch snowfall at Rochester, MN established a new 24 hour snowfall record for the month of April. Minneapolis, MN, just 90 miles away, got only rain.


Many cities in the central and southeastern U.S. reported record high temperatures for the date. Afternoon highs of 91° at Evansville, IN and Nashville TN equaled April records. St. Louis, MO set an April record with 93°.

Thunderstorms produced severe weather from Iowa to Kentucky, with more than 90 reports of large hail and damaging winds. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 90 mph at Berwick, IA.

A tornado in the Manikganj area of Bangladesh killed an estimated 1,300 people, injured 12,000 and left 80,000 homeless. This was possibly the deadliest tornado ever in the world.


Record heat occurred in the east as temperatures soared to 95° at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, 98° in downtown Baltimore and 92° at Allentown & Philadelphia, PA. The Philadelphia high broke the previous record by 11 degrees. The record high of 89° at Alpena, MI was the third out of six straight record highs for that location, and smashed their previous record for the date by 10 degrees.

Thunderstorms dropped 16.05 inches of rain on Brownwood, TX in 13 hours. Some 50 city blocks in Brownwood were extensively damaged by the flood waters. At one point the Pecan Bayou was estimated at 4 miles wide. Only the disastrous flood in 1900 rivaled this event in Brownwood. 14.96 inches of rain fell in De Leon, TX.


Severe thunderstorms in the central U.S. spawned 55 tornadoes from northeastern Texas to Iowa and eastern Nebraska killing 21 people. A line of thunderstorms battered northeast Nebraska and western Iowa. Numerous funnel clouds were sighted in Pierce, Cedar and Knox Counties of northeast Nebraska with one tornado touchdown in Pierce County, mainly causing tree damage. Tornadoes were also spawned in Shelby, Crawford, Sac and Dickinson Counties of northwest Iowa. The tornado in Crawford County was particularly strong as it was 200 yards wide and caused over one million dollars in damage. High winds also flattened a mobile home in Buena Vista County and Sac County received golf ball size hail in the Lake View area. To add insult to injury, lightning struck a barn northeast of Denison completely destroying it.

Early evening thunderstorms over south central Kansas spawned a violent F5 tornado which traveled 45 miles from southwest of Wichita to north of El Dorado. It killed 17 people, including 13 at the Golden Spur Mobile Home Park in Andover and injured 225. The tornado also caused $62 million dollars damage to McConnell Air Force Base as it crossed the south side of Wichita. 4.75 inch hail pelted Wyandotte and Ottawa, OK. An F4 tornado tracked 66 miles through Noble and Osage Counties in Oklahoma. An accomplished storm chaser viewing this tornado near Ceres said "this tornado easily had the most violent motions that I have seen in 20 years of storm chasing".

A camera crew from a local television station was traveling along the Kansas Turnpike near El Dorado, KS when a tornado suddenly appeared. As the tornado caught up to them, they stopped and sought shelter under a highway overpass. Another family was also parked under the overpass. The television crew yelled for the people to climb under the bridge's girders. As the crew continued to film, the tornado appeared to score a direct hit on the bridge. The strongest storm in Oklahoma was the Red Rock tornado. This storm began just east of Garber, in Garfield County, and traveled 66 miles to just northwest of Pawhuska, in Osage County. Despite the violence of this intense tornado, it injured only six people.

200,000 people were killed as a cyclone with widespread flooding devastated the Bay of Bengal region of Bangladesh and India.


Binghamton, NY recorded 0.6 inches of snow on this day to raise its seasonal snow total to 122.7 inches. This set a new all-time seasonal snow record for the city. The previous record was 122.5 inches set in 1955-56.


A late season snowstorm deposited 7.5 inches at Fargo, ND, bringing the city's seasonal snowfall to 87.5; their snowiest winter ever. The previous snowiest winter was 82.2 inches set in 1936-37. 8.5 inches of snow at Bismarck, ND pushed their seasonal snowfall to 91.7 inches, for its snowiest winter ever as well. The previous snowiest winter was 86.8 inches set in 1949-50.

An F2 twister passed through Pulaski, Fulton, and Marshall Counties in Indiana. It damaged a home and uprooted trees at Tippecanoe River State Park. Then, and F4 tornado moved through Tippecanoe and Carroll counties, hitting West Lafayette. Three people were killed.


The third major snow storm of the month dumped heavy snow in and near Colorado’s Front Range foothills. 6 to 12 inches of heavy wet snow fell in Denver’s western suburbs with the heaviest amounts above 6,000 feet. Boulder and Golden, CO received 10 inches of snow.


In an unusual occurrence, the national high and low temperatures for the day were both registered in the same state. The national low was set at Springerville, AZ high on the Mogollon Rim with 21°, and the afternoon national high of 101° in Kingman, AZ is located in the western Arizona desert.


The last in a series of April snow storms blanketed the foothills of Colorado with heavy snow. Snowfall totals included: 17 inches near Blackhawk, 15 inches at Idaho Springs, 14 inches at Georgetown and 11 inches near Conifer & Morrison.


A near-record snowfall of 16-26 inches occurred in parts of Alberta, Canada, downing trees & power lines, collapsing roofs and causing havoc on roadways in and around the city of Calgary.

A powerful spring storm dumped up to 20 inches of snow in parts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains leaving some ski resorts with record April snow totals including Alpine Meadows just north of Lake Tahoe with more than 100 inches of snow and the Kirkwood Resort south of Tahoe accumulating 112 inches.

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