Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Italy is losing pizza makers: Shortage of pizza in Italy

Italy is losing pizza makers: Shortage of pizza in Italy, Italy has always been famous for their Italian cooks. From pizza to pasta, they make it all over there. However, now they are having a hard time keeping their pizza makers because they don't want to do the job anymore. Why? Because they say the hours are too long and the pay is not high enough, according to a report by Digital Spy on April 29.

The pizza makers also say they find the job too embarrassing to do it anymore. However, pizza is becoming even more popular in Italy because of those buying it for lunch with the country suffering from an economic downfall. With everyone worried about spending money, they have started buying more pizza for lunch. With it becoming even more popular in Italy, they are now suffering from a shortage of 6,000 pizzas.

You would think that most of the pizza makers in Italy are actually Italian but they are not. They are actually Egyptian. That's right, the Egyptian's are making most of the pizza over there because they say they are prepared to work harder than the Italians are.

Italian's say they actually prefer a nice, comfortable office job instead of one where they have to be on their feet all day. Their mindset is that being a pizza maker is actually embarrassing and humiliating.

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