Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shocking discovery: Toad found in a can of green beans

Shocking discovery: Toad found in a can of green beans, On April 29 that Gloria Chubb and her son received quite the shock when they opened a can of Meijer green beans and found an amphibian.

According to Chubb, she didn't notice the toad until after she had microwaved the can of green beans. Chubb stated that her son put some of the cooked green beans on his plate and said, "What is that?"

Chubb at first thought maybe there was a piece of bacon mixed in with the green beans, but soon discovered to her shock and horror that it was a toad, which was, for the most part, fully intact. Said Chubb, "I took it out of there, and it wasn't moldy bacon. It was a toad with parts of his little legs all in the green beans."

Gloria Chubb, from South Bend, Indiana, took the remaining unopened cans of green beans back to the Meijer store and was given a refund. She then took two questionable cans to the Indiana State Department of Health where it was concluded that the amphibian was actually processed along with the green beans at a wholesale canning plant in Wisconsin.

According to Rita Hooten, Food Service Director for the St. Joseph County Health Department, the toad was placed unnoticed on a conveyor line when the green beans were picked from a field. During processing, the toad was then accidentally placed in a can of green beans.

A Health Department consumer specialist explained that green bean fields are natural habitats for toads, and since factory canning is fast paced, finding them in canned vegetables does happen from time to time, although, not very often.

Chubb stated that she took the cans of contaminated green beans to her local health department in order to get the word out and warn others that this sort of thing can happen. Said Chubb, "I mean, anything can happen you know, but a whole frog?"

Meijer stores issued a public statement concerning the incident, saying "Our goal at Meijer is to always provide the highest quality products to our customers. We sincerely regret this customer's experience, and we are in the process of investigating the incident.” Reportedly, Gloria Chubb also received $50 from the wholesale canning plant, along with a letter of apology.

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