Tuesday, April 30, 2013

14-year-old forced to get pregnant: Mother desperately wanted another child

14-year-old forced to get pregnant: Mother desperately wanted another child, The story of a 14-year-old forced to get pregnant by her mother has gained worldwide attention after The Guardian shared some of the details on April 28. While the girl's identity has been protected, the details are shocking to many, including the judge who worked the case.

The mother involved had adopted three children, and decided she wanted a fourth child. She concocted a scheme where she bought sperm over the Internet and forced her then 14-year-old to inseminate herself. The inseminations happened multiple times, and it is believed that the girl miscarried once. She later gave birth to a baby boy. The mother has not been identified in the media due to concerns her identification would then disclose the daughter and grandson's identities as well.

The girl's mother is now serving five years in prison on a charge of child cruelty. The woman tried to adopt a fourth time and when she was denied, she quickly turned to the scheme of forcing her 14-year-old to get pregnant. Midwives at the delivery were worried about the “pushy and insensitive” mother and after numerous red flags, they called child protection workers.

Sadly there were signs of trouble in the home prior to the pregnancy. There were four previous reports to authorities about the mother's “inappropriate” behavior toward her three children. However, investigators are said to have found no reason for concern. The mother forced her daughter to inseminate herself seven times, and even put her through additional challenges to try to ensure she would get pregnant with a girl. The young girl told authorities she went through with the inseminations and pregnancy because she hoped it would lead to her mother loving her more.

The judge did not let the mother go without stern words. He said that the mother behaved in “a wicked and selfish way towards a vulnerable child.” According to Yahoo! News the mother is an American divorcee living in Britain. The children were taken into foster care once the midwives reported their concerns. There are no details about how the children are doing now, due to privacy issues, but those following the case hope they have found loving homes. Many are shocked that the mother received only five years in prison for forcing her 14-year-old to get pregnant.

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